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Within this section you can find more about the staff that created this web-site.
Codrin-Stefan Arsene

First Name : Codrin-Stefan
Last Name: Arsene
E-mail address :
Age : 17
City: Galati
Country : Romania
Foreign languages spoken: English and French
Studies :
  • Student at the "Vasile Alecsandri" National High School, Galati, in the 11th grade
  • Graduated the "Grigore Hagiu" Junior High School, Tg. Bujor
  • Graduated the "Grigore Hagiu" Primary School, Tg. Bujor
International extracurricular performances
  • Clean Up The World international organization representative, having the headquarters in Australia, for Romania, organization supported by the UN and the EU
  • Peace Child international organization representative
  • Mondialogo international organization member, since October, 2004
  • Life-Link international organization representative for Moldova
  • Currently corresponding with the prestigious Harvard University since August, 2004
  • Romanian representative, at the "Life-Link" International Conference in Moscow, Russia, August 2004
  • 3rd Prize at the International Competition "Fii un artist al Dunarii" ("Be a Danube artist"), organized by ICPDR, DEF, CCEG, WWF and The Danube Regional Project
  • Volunteer member of the American International Association "Cosmic Volunteer"
  • Participant at the "Eu Citizenship" program, organized by AIESEC, having as main goal the romanian youth teaching, regarding the European Union joining
  • The EcoFUN International Program Manager - Peace Corps, Leonardo Da Vinci Program, Life-Link and "Vasile Alecsandri" National High School partnership
  • EcoFUN Training Program primary manaber, along with Rebe Feraldi (Peace Corps - USA) and Anabelle Espinho (spanish volunteer)
  • Invited to participate at the World Youth Congress that will be held at Edinburgh, Scotia, in July 2005
National extracurricular activities
  • Participant at the Hystory National Contest, mai 2004
  • Participant at the National Leadership Contest "Sa fii lider" ("Be Free"), organized by Junior Achievement Romania
  • National Trainer for "Olympic Understanding" - debating forum, supported by the UN and EU
  • National publication "Limba si literatura romana pentru elevi" ("Romanian Language and Literature for students") frequent correspondent
  • Oblique Magazine frequent correspondent
Local extracurricular activities
  • Faithful collaborator of the "Viata libera" local newspaper, with almost daily articles; editor of the following weekly articles : "Perla saptamanii" , "Ce nu stiati despre ei", "Vedete (si) pe internet" si a rubricii estivale "Codrin printre vedete"
  • Collaborator at the cultural magazine, Dominus; editor of the monthly article, "Fara regrete" ("No regrets")
  • Volunteer member of the Eco Counseling Center, Galati, since the year 2003
  • Editor, within the European Uniona financed project, called "Masuri specifice de interventie in domeniul promovarii educatiei pentru protectia consumatorului", of brochures and the newspaper "Educatie pentru protectia consumatorului", distribuited for free in Galati, 1500 de exemplare given
  • The author of the volume "Folclor Scolar" gathered by Codrin-Stefan Arsene, in noveber 2004
  • Organizer of the local Town Cleaning Campaign, Galati, 2004
  • Organizer of the Recycling campaign, 2004
  • Participant at the County Romanian Language School Contest(1999-2002)
  • Participant at the County Biology School Contest(2001)
  • Participant at the County Geography School Contest(2001)
  • Participant at the County History School Contest(2002-2004)
  • Graduated the International "Eco-Fun" Ecological Training, organized by the Eco Counseling Center Galati and supported by the "Life-Link" International Organisation
Extracurricular activities within the "Vasile Alecsandri" National High School and The Colegiumm Foundation "Vasile Alecsandri"
  • Coordonator student with the projects: Olympic Truce, Life-Link, Eco Club, Clean Up The World, at the "Vasile Alecsandri" High School level
  • Member of the Green Club
  • Member of the Green Peace
  • Member of the Theatre Club
  • Member of the Literature Club in CNVA
  • Member of the Peace Club
  • Member of the Debating Club
  • Chief editor at the "Aripi"("Wings") Magazine
  • Collaborator at the French and English Magazin of the "Vasile Alecsandri" National College
  • Awarded at the Scientific Communication Session held at the anual cellebration of the "Vasile Alecsandri" National Hight School in the last three years with the following projects :
  • * History of a civilization long set. Creta. - 29 november 2002 - 3st Prize
    * Literary essays - november 2003 - 1st Prize
    * History - november 2003 - 1st Prize
    * Psychology - november 2003 - 1st Prize
    * Psychology - noiembrie 2004 - 1st Prize
  • Logic County School Contest Participant
  • Peace Corps Collaborator

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