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A story about a    
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A story about a web-site called Bystroe
The desperate call from the depth
by Codrin Stefan Arsene, leader of the Bystroe team

        Every site is unique, especially one that wants to be considered an educational one. The nature has always come up with problems, and mankind has tried to solve them. It's in man's nature to do this. However, there are moments when the roles of the two old rivals invert: men come up with the problem of nature. And then they are the ones who must solve them. We've had many ecological disasters over the years. Calamities, floods, earthquakes, problems almost impossible that needed a quick solution hadn't obviated us.
        Not long ago a new challenge had been lunched in Eastern Europe. And we all know the chances that its' echo's would reach the ears of the most influential people in the world are minimal. Always, and we must admit this, the Eastern Europe problems have represented a black stain for the western states or across the ocean. It's not easy to live in Romania and know that the "Bystroe problem" strikes each and every human and even destroys the consciousness of being Romanian. It's all the harder as to try to do something that, at first sight, the whole world would consider it to be at least useless: the making of this site. And if you add the fact that the site is made by six youngsters (students and teachers), the final goal is almost impossible to reach. And yet, it has been shown the opposite.
        There are six months now since four teenagers with great expectations and huge dreams started to work so hard to what can be easily considered the challenge of their lives, till then. Most of Romanians know about the gravity implied by the construction of the Bystroe Canal: we all have read about it in newspapers, we have seen documentaries on TV and we have flipped through several brochures made by the government.
        We strongly believe that there can't be any man in the entire world that would not smile, or even laugh, at the site of this dreamland. When they come here in the Delta, men feel the communion between them and the nature. It is so beautiful that some of them let their homes even though they came from far, far away, and chose to spend their entire life in one of the most charming and unique places from Terra.
        The "Bystroe Problem" dates since 1987. If we want to be more specific it was conceived even before the birth of the four members of the team who made this site "alive". No doubt, the opportunity of building the only site in the world that treats the entire Bystroe problem from the very beginning up to present came up due to the competition launched by the GlobalSchoolHouse. And we thank them for this wonderful chance.
        Even now, I'm astonished or even amazed when I remember the day when some influential people were telling us grinning: 'you will never manage to do what you have in mind'. Back then, I used to return the grin and tell them only this: 'we will see'.
        The last months were a wild goose chase between Galatz and Bucharest. The long and exhausting race, the bureaucracy, the problems regarding the copyright, all these are now trapped somewhere in our reminiscence and are considered events which were absolutely necessary in order to fulfill our project. And it turn up that our efforts weren't wasted in vain.
        I wouldn't give for anything in the world the days when we used to gather around the fireplace next to our computers, all of us with a special shinny sparkle in our eyes, dreaming to go to Washington DC. It was marvelous to work among friends and for friends, because we have decided that our mission HAD to be accomplished.
        We also had some help, why not recognizing it? Our associates from the Eco Counseling Center from Galatz helped us with hundreds of materials and photos so as to facilitate our attempt to show the entire world the dangerous path the Danube Delta is pointing to.
        The construction of this site wasn't meant to be only a couple of hours spent with the purpose of winning a prize or a diploma at an international contest. At least in the last 30 days, we identified ourselves with the site, we experienced the same feelings the Danube Delta probably would have felt. We had broken hearts at the thought that thousands of fish will be killed, that hundreds of trees will be cut down from roots, that so many plants species will be lost for ever from the Delta. We felt the calling and the weep of the Danube. These might sound like senseless empty words because you haven't been there to see the disaster to come. We all went to the Delta. The pictures without a copyright that you can find on the site belong to us and are the living proof that we have trampled on the ground of that wonderful ecosystem. We have brought you the "desperate call from the depth".
        The story never ends. I have to recognize that there were so many impediments that I can hardly count. There's only one thing that matters now: YOU. The fact that you read these lines proves that you are such an amazing individual. There are so few men in this world for who the nature really counts, and we are happy that we have you next to us, today.
        Only one thing kept us together in the last six months: the love for nature. And I really hope that all our efforts won't be in vain. Just keep in mind that every single person has now the opportunity to book a ticket to this amazing story: the story of the site called Bystroe.

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Last forum post by codrin on May 6, 2006, 9:06 pm
This is the idea of a team who
made a vision come truth....

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