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On the spot activities
            The impact on the local society is beginning to take shape.
            The only way the Bystroe problem will be solved is by fully understanding it. We have taken care of the informative part and we have given people more than one possibility to get involved. We hope that nature will do the rest.
            The "Viata Libera" newspaper in Galati has given a complete picture of the team that created this web-site.
The translated version of the article
The ecologists from "Vasile Alecsandri" National College From V.A.N.C. to "Bystroe", via The White House

            Google, the well-known search engine, has already considered that the best site about Danube Delta Canal is the one made by the students from "Vasile Alecsandri" National College, putting it as the first in the sites list.
            Who could have ever imagined that a couple of teenagers are concerned about important and terrifying problems such as the Bystroe Canal, the maintenance of the Danube Delta ecosystem or that they wish to visit the White House, maybe even meet the most important man on the planet, the president of the USA, George Bush ?
Six for America

            Codrin-Stefan Arsene, Cosmin Atanasiu, Cristi Stroia, Andreea Magraon, and the youth guides, Miss Cristina Caluian and Andreea Neacsu, are those who have conceived a project in order to save the area in which Ukraine is trying to build, in the Romanian territory and without the necessary approval, the disputed Bystroe Canal.
The organization of the team: by the book!

            The five students are organized by the book: Codrin Arsene is the leader of the project, Cosmin Atanasiu is the one that conceived the site that runs the Bystroe project, and the other members of the team have en equal contribution to the project as the first two: they have searched and distributed data, materials, details about the Danube Delta area, which, by the way, is threatened by destruction.

The best "Bystroe" site on Google

            The site is participating in the "Doors to Diplomacy" international competition, and the winners (the first two teams) will have the privilege to visit Washington D.C., with the main objective: the residence of the president of the USA - the White House.
            "Google had checked our site, when we placed the URL on web, and decided to post us in the first position, in the search list. We want the whole world to know that we are worried about the environment, the Delta, mainly, which is a protected area, anyway. The things that are preparing there through the construction of the canal by Ukraine, is a real crime", Codrin Arsene said. The 11th grade student is even informed with the "Bystroe"political and economical problems. Cosmin Atanasiu, the webmaster of the site, is in 10th grade (the youngest from the team) and is Olympic at Computer Science; a little bit passionate, but as eager to win, he says:"Our web-site is complete. I have seen some of the others that are participating in the competition, and they are likely informative. We have everything: information, photos, documentation and translation in six foreign languages! Anyway, it's the only web-site in the world made exclusively around the "Bystroe idea."
            The two are very determined: "Only by working as a team you can finish such a project; we are extremely grateful for those that helped us: the Eco Counseling Center, Rebe Feraldi - the American volunteer of Peace Corps - and the "Viata Libera" newspaper", says Codrin, full of conviction, and Cosmin agrees: "we will thank them on May 16, when the results are announced. Of course, in case we win!"
White House, here we come!

            The two have worked for more than two months, around 12-13 hours a day, besides the school classes, to make a dream come true. Unlike those that refuse to involve themselves practically in this sort of problems, the students from V.A.N.c. have taken attitude.
Written by Elena Stoica on 19th of March, 2005.
        During the past few weeks, we have been conducting surveys in order to find out how much do people actually know regarding the Bystroe problem. We have found out the following :
  • Out of the 6273 people interviewed, 6200 knew about the existence of the Bystroe Canal and only 1591 were aware of the ecological disaster to come.
  • When asked what would they do if they had the power to change something, 5433 answered they would use their power and stop the nature distruction, 247 answered they would attempt to change the situation, giving up after a while, and 593 answered they would not do anything about it.
  • At the final question, when asked how are they fighting for the Danube Delta protection, nobody gave a straight answer, many stating that they do not have the time or the power to change anything, therefore "it is not worth the trouble"

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This is the idea of a team who
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Who should fight to change the current situation ?
The Ukrainian Government
The Romanian Government
The United Nations
Devoted Active Citizens

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