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This report was submitted by a Ukrainian university experts that later told the press that the report was made under political and temporal pressures. The report clearly contradicts those made by other Ukrainian experts and international experts. We included this report to show how official pressure can influence the integrity of local experts.

"I hope for the effective help of the international scientific public in realization of the project, which will protect reserve "Danube plavny" from actions of the officials illiterate in the ecological attitude (relation)."

Dr. Nicolai Shtefan,
Hydraulic and engineer hydrology.
Institute of Marine transport, Odessa, Ukraine
Main specialist- hydrologist
Institute of Marine transport (49 years of working experience), Odessa, Ukraine

Where and how to build a navigational trench in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta ?
-- part 5

    The small project-business concern "Projecthydrostroj" has undertaken an embodiment of this decision. In 2002 the study of this firm which has been made out as the technical offer, has received support HAH of Ukraine. The institute of economy NAS of Ukraine, with attraction of the conducting experts on all sections of a problem, has carried out the complex comparative analysis of variants of restoration of sea navigation on the Ukrainian site of delta of Danube (see 3-4 magazines" Sudohodstvo" for 2003) and has made a conclusion that on the sum more than four tens parameters optimum the variant of construction of the channel with locks on a line Solomonov a sleeve -Zhebriyanovskaya bay is. This result was received even without the account of hydrological aspects of a problem. It seemed, that the rational approach has won.
    But there are simply inexplicable things: the order of the President of Ukraine about study of alternative variants is not carried out, as made "Rechtransproject", so-called, the study of alternative variant is pure(clean) falsification. Besides the source of repeated pollution of the Black sea, that dragging on mouth bars - without that a catastrophic situation with pollution of a shallow shelf of the Black sea before mouth Kiliysky of delta and resulting (bringing) to mass death a fish, including sturgeons. Nevertheless, at a level of Government is made a decision on construction of the channel in a mouth girlo Bystroe.
    Above-stated was published in the newspaper "Evening Odessa" on May 5th, 2004. And in two months began construction of the channel in a mouth Bystroe. It has turned out how the channel intensively was predicted - was brought. Money to performance of design amount of works has not sufficed, as it was necessary to take out not only volume of the ground which has been counted up designers, but continuously postponed ground of a river origin - that ground, which "the experts, who predicted volume of bottom sediments in cut of the channel have not noticed."
    To the moment of a spelling of given clause of work be not ordered already about one month. The trench of the channel continues to be brought. It is possible to assume, what by the next spring from the dug out trench there will be no also trace. Where to write off( copy) the spent millions? The civil-engineering design of one dam is developed which will not render essential influence on a mode of adjournment of a ground in navigable trench. Again vain expenditure of money. Again damage to an environment (in area of reserve of the international meaning (importance)).
    The channel is necessary, but not at a level in engineering sense of the decision, by carrying out which, in some years the channel should be dug anew two - three times per one year. It is offered to construct the channel, with costs (stands) three times more dear (more expensive) than channel in a mouth Fast, but in 40 (!). Than time is cheaper, than the channel Chernavode-Constance, not conceding it (him) on throughput, and which will serve without essential operational expenses some centuries, not putting damage of ecology of a northwest part of the Black sea.
    And the last argument: it is necessary to rescue a bay - invaluable property of Ukraine. Actual liquidation of port Ust-Dunaisk without prevention of the reasons its water areas and Zhebriyanovskaya of a bay cannot be named as a rational measure. Therefore, the first stage of the decision of a problem should become works on reconstruction of the technological channel and port Ust-Dunaisk, ensuring posting of courts of a type "river -sea" and preventing water area of port Ust-Dunaisk and contiguous of sites Zhebriyanovskaya of a bay. This temporary measure will ensure (supply) transportation around Sulinskaia of system 90-95 % Ukrainian traffic on a line "Danube - sea" and will enable to lower social intensity in Pridunavie, and also cardinally to decide(solve) a problem with the minimal damage for an environment without unreasonable haste.
    I hope for the effective help of the international scientific public in realization of the project, which will protect reserve "Danube plavny " from actions of the officials illiterate in the ecological attitude(relation).
Information about author:
Dr. Nicolai Shtefan,
candidate of technical sciences
Scientific specialization Hydraulic and engineer hydrology.
range researcher assistant
Institute of Marine transport, Odessa, Ukraine

This Report was not found anywhere on the Internet, that is why we decided to post it entirely.

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