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This report was submitted by a Ukrainian university experts that later told the press that the report was made under political and temporal pressures. The report clearly contradicts those made by other Ukrainian experts and international experts. We included this report to show how official pressure can influence the integrity of local experts.

"I hope for the effective help of the international scientific public in realization of the project, which will protect reserve "Danube plavny" from actions of the officials illiterate in the ecological attitude (relation)."

Dr. Nicolai Shtefan,
Hydraulic and engineer hydrology.
Institute of Marine transport, Odessa, Ukraine
Main specialist- hydrologist
Institute of Marine transport (49 years of working experience), Odessa, Ukraine

Where and how to build a navigational trench in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta ?
-- part 4

    And from this moment the continuous war of the people with a nature began: before dams were formed extensive bar, the dams should be extended is gave only temporary effect. The sum of expenses by 1895 has exceeded 70 million frank (compared to 17.5 francs on construction of the channel with locks near to a mouth Georgievsky of a sleeve). And design 7.3 m (for the miss of courts with draft 22 ft) the depth was achieved in 40 years after a beginning of construction. Now length of compressing dams has exceeded 15 km.
    In the period (1917-1944), when all delta of Danube belonged to Romania, the numerous attempts essentially were done to improve operational qualities Sulinsky of navigable system. All projects on reconstruction of this system (and they were about ten) did not maintain criticism. Therefore Romania has accepted the decision on construction of the channel with sluices outside of delta of Danube and, by beginning in 1957, has finished with the essential help former USSR in 1986. The commissioning of this channel cardinally has decided a problem of navigation on a line River Danube -Black sea.
    Let's return to belonging Ukraine to delta Kiliysky of a sleeve. The first navigable channel in Kiliysky to delta was constructed by Russia on Polunichne in 1902. This channel, as well as was predicted by the engineer P. Chehovich, "disappearance" in 2 years, by throwing out in Gebrianskaya a bay weight soil, formed an existing till now peninsula.
    In 1904 P Chehovich on the basis of the executed two-years researches the project of the channel with a sluice on a line Solomonov a sleeve -Gebrianskaya a bay was developed. Cost of construction was estimated in 4 million Gold rubles. The project was not carried out.
    During the First World (global) War to the admiral Potapov the brilliant idea
    "-has come in a head-" to enter into Danube battleships of a coastal defense and demolish from instruments of main caliber of capital of the allies of Germany. Under his order in a mouth Ochakovsky of a sleeve the channel was dug. Battleships in Danube have not got -channel has brought up to their approach. Nevertheless, brave the admiral has entered the name in a history for ever -lade a part Ochakovsky on all charts refers to as Potapovsky the channel. In 1957 the Soviet Union has constructed the channel in a mouth Prorva, which provided pass of ships of a type "river -sea". The volumes repair work in the beginning were less than 150 thousand m3. It was necessary to expect ground per one year, however, as well as, length of the channel was continuously increased, the compressing dams have remained far up rear on land, and the volumes repair continuously grew and in the end eightieth of years have exceeded 2,5 million m3-year, that is equal to three volumes navigable trench. Differently, the channel was under construction anew three times per one year.
    In middle of the ninetieth years of the last century the channel Prorva "has ordered long to live". Two attempts of its restoration have terminated is pitiable. Development of the feasibility project of restoration of the channel Prorva, executed with assistance of Belgium, display hopelessness of this measure.
    At absence of the channel Prorva the navigation with of courts up to 3 M was carried out on the technological channel connecting Prorva to water area of port
    Ust-Dunaisk. Two years back on this channel passed up to 1500 courts per one year, including type "Slavutich", which could carry out transportations and considerably to lower losses, which are born(carried) by(with) Ukraine, not having an own output to the Black sea. However, on the same channel in the party of water area of port and is farther in Zhebriyanovskaia a bay acted and continue to act river (?sands). Now depths of water area of port have decreased with 14.5 until 3.5-4.0 m. It corresponds (meets) to adjournment on water area about 5 million M3 of a ground.
    And how much ground was postponed at the bottom Zhebrianskoy of a bay? By forbidding the posting of courts on the connecting channel, the authors of this measure sharply have complicated social conditions in Vilkovo, but the problems of protection Zhebriyanovskaia of a bay have not been solved. If to leave the connecting channel in a present kind, early or late we shall lose not only port Ust-Dunaisk, but also while rather deep-water
    Zhebriyanovskaia, a bay-invaluable property of Ukraine. From here follows what to throw on an arbitrariness of destiny port Ust-Dunaisk and to postpone reconstruction of the connecting channel, which should sharply lower receipt river in a bay, is inadmissible.
    Just in view of above-stated and all complex of tasks of a problem, including, and ecological, the scientific and technical decision protected by the copyright certificate of Ukraine IIA 296, about construction of the channel with locks on the line close to offered in 1904, equal hundred years, offered in 1904 was formulated. Chehovich, in view of modem environmental and technical requirements, and as the temporary decision -reconstruction of the connecting channel.
    This offer was supported by(with) the conducting experts of sea transport of Ukraine: the pro-rector on scientific work of the Odessa State Sea University, corresponding member of a Transport Academy of sciences of Ukraine, professor O. Stalnichenko, professor of the Odessa State Sea University, academician of a Transport Academy of sciences of Ukraine P. Yakovlev etc., which have addressed in January, 1996 to that time to the chief of administration of the Odessa area and the Ukraine's R. Bodelan with the argued offer "About restoration of navigation in the Ukrainian part, river Danube and creation of sea transport unit in area Zhebriyanovskaya of a bay" are glad to the deputy Supreme on the basis of the copyright certificate of Ukraine IIA 296. On it the failure(refusal) with complete neglect to authority and knowledge of the authors of the offer was received.

This Report was not found anywhere on the Internet, that is why we decided to post it entirely.

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