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This report was submitted by a Ukrainian university experts that later told the press that the report was made under political and temporal pressures. The report clearly contradicts those made by other Ukrainian experts and international experts. We included this report to show how official pressure can influence the integrity of local experts.

"I hope for the effective help of the international scientific public in realization of the project, which will protect reserve "Danube plavny" from actions of the officials illiterate in the ecological attitude (relation)."

Dr. Nicolai Shtefan,
Hydraulic and engineer hydrology.
Institute of Marine transport, Odessa, Ukraine
Main specialist- hydrologist
Institute of Marine transport (49 years of working experience), Odessa, Ukraine

Where and how to build a navigational trench in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta ?
-- part 3
The area, km3
78, 7
111, 4
Volume, km3

    In complete conformity to the "laws of river hydrodynamics now occurs fade Ochakovsky and lade of a part Starostambulsky and the intensive growth branch Bystroe begins. Hence, the formation deep-water navigable trench in a b& it sharply will speed up process of redistribution of a drain of Kiliysky a sleeve for the benefit of Bystroe, that will result in sharp acceleration begun rather recently advance in the sea of a site of delta in area Bystroe, and it will result that in some years all constructed stf\1ctures will appear far in rear of the external edge territory, put forward in the sea, of delta.
    At advance Kiliysky of delta to north and south from it two bays were formed: and Mosura. Originally rather shallow (prevailing depths 7-10 m) the Gebrianskaya bay contrary to persevering published (is especial in Romanian, transferred on Russian, the scientific editions) statement about its intensive deceleration of depth was enough well kept, while there is no time deep-water (with depths up to 17 m) and extensive bay Mosura, to a considerable affliction of Romania has lost the significance - now in it the depths less than one meter prevail.
    One more surprising detail: the development of the feasibility project of construction of the navigable channel in a mouth Bystroe is executed as if experience of construction and operation of channels in a mouth of Danube does not exist at all, therefore it is meaningful to return for 1,5 centuries back.
    In 1857 the captain Sprat has presented to the European Danube Commission (EDC) the offer on the device in a mouth Ochakovsky of a sleeve of two parallel dams directed in the beginning on NO, and then is direct on East down to depths, necessary for navigation. After inspection Kiliysky of delta the English engineer C. Hartley, by establishing, that the delta Kiliysky of a sleeve is quickly put forward in the sea, the offer Sprat has rejected also in spring of 1858 has offered EDC two projects: formation of deep-water exits through a mouth Sulinsky or Georgievsky of sleeves. In a basis them a principle undertaking dams longitudinally river lades and moves forward of two parallel dams in the sea for depth 5,5 meters also be fixed. Cost of construction under these projects made 18 and 25 million francs.
    Taking into account rather large cost, EDC has decided to create an independent technical commission for consideration of the projects, submitted to it. The commission has made the conclusion that the construction pair by grinding in a mouth of the large river running in not rising tide the sea, is measure which is not ensuring of the complete, cardinal decision of a put task, as piers be not capable to suspend take away river soil in the sea and formation of a bar (have swept aside) on an exit from dams, and that a unique means cardinally deciding a problem, is the device of the channel with a sluice away from an existing mouth. It is meaningful to run forward and to note, that in 28 years later the First International congress on internal water ways of Europe has proved the above-stated conclusion. The engineer Hartley, by agreeing with the decision of this commission, has presented the project of the channel with a sluice for Georgievsky branch in cost 17,5 million frank, or 5.8 million. Gold Russian rubles.
    As the construction would borrow not one ye&, EDC has decided as temporary variant with the purpose of the prompt maintenance of interests of navigation, suffering heavy losses, (in that time neither railway, nor motor transport did not exist) to begin realization of the project Hartley on temporary, on nearest 5-6 years, equipping Sulinsky of a mouth by two cheap temporary dams with increase of depths on a bar with 2,5 up to 4,0 -4,5 m. The construction of dams was finished on September 1861, the depth above a bar between dams for the account influence by its river flow has increased with 2,9 up to 5,3 m (almost twice!). Taking into account so encouraging result and by not taking into account temporal substance it, EDC in 1865 has decided to transform temporary dams in constant.

This Report was not found anywhere on the Internet, that is why we decided to post it entirely.

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