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This report was submitted by a Ukrainian university experts that later told the press that the report was made under political and temporal pressures. The report clearly contradicts those made by other Ukrainian experts and international experts. We included this report to show how official pressure can influence the integrity of local experts.

"I hope for the effective help of the international scientific public in realization of the project, which will protect reserve "Danube plavny" from actions of the officials illiterate in the ecological attitude (relation)."

Dr. Nicolai Shtefan,
Hydraulic and engineer hydrology.
Institute of Marine transport, Odessa, Ukraine
Main specialist- hydrologist
Institute of Marine transport (49 years of working experience), Odessa, Ukraine

Where and how to build a navigational trench in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta ?
-- part 2

    On conditions of navigation this transport line is divided into River Danube (extent more than 2 thousand km, from interface to system of channels "Rhine -Danube" up to the Romanian port Braila, with navigating depths from 1,5 up to 4,0 m) and Sea Danube (extent about 300 km, from Braila up to a mouth natural navigating depths 7,3m, however, natural depths on arrival to navigable sleeves of delta less than 2,5 m prevail.
    For top of delta of Danube it is accepted to consider a place of division of the river above than city Izmail on two largest sleeves: (left) and Tulcha (right). At cities Vilkovo Kiliysky the sleeve is divided on two basic sleeves: Ochakovsky (left) and Starostambulsky (right). Now each of them runs in the sea by two large sleeves:
    First -sleeves Prorva and Potapovsky the channel;
    Second -sleeves Bystroe and actually Starostambulsky. The sleeve also is divided into two large sleeves - Sulinsky and Georgievsky.
    Dynamic changes of external edge of delta depends on a parity between intensity of adjournment river soil on a beach and intensity them destruction by washing away, caused by action of sea waves. The essential distinction between these sizes in a sea part of deltas Tulcha and Kiliysky of sleeves causes that the delta Tulcha of a sleeve already some centuries is in a condition of dynamic balance, and the delta Kiliysky of a sleeve located in territory of Ukraine, intensively was put forward, is put forward and still will be long to be put forward in side the sea.
    The beginning of formation Kiliysky if delta is lower Vilkovo XVIII centuries concern to middle, when there was a break Kiliysky of a sleeve in an extensive gulf through sand braid in area of village a Ferry. In the beginning the mouth remained open. Then the islands and delta of a beginning quickly were formed to be put forward in the sea: for the period from 1830 to 1957 its area has increased in 4,2 times.
    The evident picture of having place deformations Kiliysky of delta in the period from 1871 to 1990 is submitted on the circuit, and the given table characterizes rates of growth of the area and volume of a part Kiliysky of delta located below Vilkovo.

This Report was not found anywhere on the Internet, that is why we decided to post it entirely.

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