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This report was submitted by a Ukrainian university experts that later told the press that the report was made under political and temporal pressures. The report clearly contradicts those made by other Ukrainian experts and international experts. We included this report to show how official pressure can influence the integrity of local experts.

"I hope for the effective help of the international scientific public in realization of the project, which will protect reserve "Danube plavny" from actions of the officials illiterate in the ecological attitude (relation)."

Dr. Nicolai Shtefan,
Hydraulic and engineer hydrology.
Institute of Marine transport, Odessa, Ukraine
Main specialist- hydrologist
Institute of Marine transport (49 years of working experience), Odessa, Ukraine

Where and how to build a navigational trench in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta ?
-- part 1

    The problem of restoration of navigation in Ukrainian part of delta Danube can not receive the rational decision already more than 10 years. As how to be spoken, there is no prophet in the fatherland, there was a necessity of attraction of the international scientific public to the decision of this problem. Essence of a problem is stated below. One of major, in opinion of the author, aspects of a soluble task is the necessity for such decision, which will put the minimal harm to an environment.
    The question on necessity of construction on the Ukrainian part of delta of a deep-water navigable line connecting largest on Danube seaports Reny and Izmail to the sea, has the unequivocal positive answer. The disputes have arisen around of other question: where and how to build this ship's canaltrack.
    On last question also there is a precise and unequivocal answer-it is necessary to build away from a part of delta actively which is put forward in the sea. It was clear 1,5 centuries back, when after the Crimean war England and France, by selecting at Russia all delta of Danube, have begun maintenance of navigation on a line the "river-sea". That an overall objective of participation of England and France in the Crimean war on the party of Turkey was replacement of Russia from delta of Danube for organization of navigation on a line Danube -sea, that fact testifies, that later, when Russia in next time has put a defeat of Turkey, the former allies were not excited with that Russia has returned to itself part of delta, actively put forward in the sea, Kilya delta, i.e. place, where the reasonable man to build the channel will not be.
    All this is described in clause "Problems of navigation in delta of Danube (history and practice)", published in a magazine "Sudohodstvo" number 6-7 for 1999. I shall bring her in a superbrief kind, as she answers a number of the questions which have left for limits of attention of the developers of the civil-engineering design of the navigable channel in a mouth branch Bystroe.
    But before some words about hydrographic and hydrologic features of examined object, without these items of information the separate details will not be clear.

This Report was not found anywhere on the Internet, that is why we decided to post it entirely.

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