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The Danube delta, at the Bystroe moment (II) Smothered by PET

The Governor Virgil Munteanu: 'At this moment at Sulina there are ten tones of PETs, and nobody is interested in taking them!' Member of the expedition 'Danube Delta, at the beginning of the 3rd millennium' (initiated by MEGA TV, in a partnership with the Ecological center Galati and 'Viata Libera' newspaper, with the support of The Fluvial Administration 'Dunarea de Jos') we started with a visit to the governor of the Danube Biosphere Reserve, Virgil Munteanu, who answered some of our questions: -Are there same relations of information and collaboration with the 'Ukrainian Organisms'?
-Yes, we have relations of collaboration with our colleagues from the Danube Reserve administration from Ukraine, which disagree with this project. They are subordinates to the Academy of Science from Kiev. We are permanently in touch, it is a paradox: two weeks ago we succeeded in editing the management plan of the Danube Reserve Romania-Ukraine, together with our colleagues from Ukraine. I am afraid that we won't have anywhere to implement this plan in the Ukrainian zone because of the negative effects of the canal's project.
-The 'sale' of some zones, the construction of some hotels are under the Reserve control?
-No, I don't understand this notion. Secondly, the Reserve's administration has permanently manifested the responsibility to support any development action of the tourism activities on the Reservation's lands, considering the tourism an alternative activity, that could assure income for the local population. With all this, we won't agree with the opening of the natural zones to develop turistic activities. This development cannot take place in localities that existed before 1989 and which can be modernized. So, we won't accept the opening of the Reserve's natural zones, they can only be visited.
-Have there been pressures of some affaires, because of this construction?
-Yes, the pressures are constant and we have the same answer: we disagree!
-Will there still be reaction as far as of motor boats and those of big capacity?
-Yes, the restrictions will also be intensified. We hope that soon will appear an order from the Ministry of Environment and from the Ministry of Transports, to regulate navigation, just to forbid the access of motor boats, especially on the lakes. Everyone can use the Danube's Branches, it is a problem, but they must resume only to this.
-This will help the development of transport with out motorboats, of the fishermen from the Delta Danube that thus could win.
-They still earn, but in the same time other forms of propulsion could develop, by using electric motors sail boats just, to decrease the negative impact of navigation on the turistic routes that exist.
-Are there big problems with these PET?
-Yes, we have big problems with these PETs, for two reasons: people's education, their mentalities and those of the visitors in the delta, I don't think this will be solved soon. In the same time we have problems because of the indifference of some mayors and some locals councilors, that treat problem with superficiality. Thirdly, there are some ethnic problems, because on a 6 km surface where there are no routes, it is very difficult to collect the PETs and it's expensive. A meeting of some representatives took place on Tuesday and was discussed problems about waste, and we support this activity of waste management in two localities where there is a strong touristic pressure- Sulina and St. Gheorghe. We gave them free pressers to compact PETs. At this moment at Sulina there are ten tones of PETs and nobody is interested in taking them. More than that, the Pets transport from Sulina to Tulcea is expensive. We are looking to find a solution
-What should the Local Council do? To harden the fines?
-First of all, the Local Council should respect the law.
-As far as the control is concerned?
-No, in what concerns the places of deposing the waste, the taking over of rubbish from the population and, of course, the sanction of those that don't respect the laws.
For now, there is a perfect indifference from the people and of mayors. I'm talking about the localities from the delta that concern me most of all.
'Viata Libera' newspaper, 9 november 2004

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