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The Bystroe problem, juridical-ecological and politic-diplomatic approached

'The Government has continued all the multilateral and bilateral applications, juridical-ecological and political-diplomatic to solve the problem of Bystroe canal', declared Despina Neagoe, the Government's spokesperson. She said that the Government appreciated the results of the meeting from Vienna of the International Committee for the Danube's protection, on 16-17 September 2004. At the Romanian initiative, it has been accepted a Resolution that shows the need to respect the provisions from the Convention from Sofia, concerning the protection and the use of Danube river, and where it had been proposed to stop the canal's works until it will be made a study about the environment.
Neagoe has also declared that that the members of the International inter -ministerial Committee, made under the Ministry of Work's coordination, will realize a Romanian study about the consequences of the canal's construction.
In the same time, it had been declared that the Ukrainian part to be approached at a ethnic level-authorities from transport and environment, the Biosphere Reservation's authority, the Frontier Police to realize all the solutions of the legal buoys from Danube.
'Romānia Libera' newspaper, 23 septembrie 2004

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