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Romania takes Ukraine to the Hague over Bystroe Canal

President Ion Iliescu, met yesterday the officials of various public institutions in view of analyzing the effects of Ukraine's building the Bystroe navigation canal in the Danube Delta. Following discussions, participants in the meeting agreed that all conditions were met to notify the International Court of Justice from Hague. In the respect, the Government of Romania is to take the necessary measures for these actions to be completed as soon as possible. According to statements made by presidential adviser Corina Cretu in the press briefing, the possibility for Romania to resort to The Hague International Court is also stipulated in the bilateral treaty signed with Ukraine. As for damages Romania will request in the Hague, Corina Cretu pointed out what country intends to achieve through this move is to "have the works stopped and the catastrophic effects generated by the Bystroe canal construction minimized". On opening the meeting, in which PM Adrian Nastase, Foreign Minister Mircea Geoana, Justice Minister Cristian Diaconescu, Transport, Construction and Tourism Minister Miron Mitre, the two chairman of the foreign politics commissions in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies Gheorghe Prisacaru and Radu Podgoreanu, other State Secretariat took part, president Ion Iliescu said that he had decided to call the meeting given the need to analyze the multiple political, economic, environmental and social effects of this project. According to the head of state, this was the consequence of the "unilateral manner in which the Ukrainian party acted, avoiding bilateral consultations over a matter with serious consequences for Romanian-Ukrainian bilateral relations, but also for the international community as whole, due to the inestimable value of the Danube Delta as a component of the global natural patrimony.
'Romānia Libera' newspaper, 23 septembrie 2004

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