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Policy of one done thing

"The policy of the done thing, adopted by the Ukrainian side is not in the spirit of good neighboring relations and contravenes unanimously accepted international principles of border waters cooperation", said the head of the state. Participants at the meeting welcomed the unanimous international support enjoyed by Romania's efforts, deciding that the Romanian side will continue adopting all the measures deemed necessary for a proper unfolding of the procedures of the International Enquiry Commission stipulated by the Espoo Commission, and what in parallel with continuing action towards an international impact study, together with the European Commission and the Vienna Commission for protection of the Danube river. In addition, there is a need to identify a set of internal measures to minimize the ecological, economic and social impact of the project. As to delay in the reaction by Romanian side, over the construction of the canal, circulated by certain members of the opposition, presidential spokeswoman Corina Cretu insisted that the "Romanian side has been following this topic for a long time". "Nobody complained of lack of information".
President Iliescu raised this topic in all the meetings he had and requested that Ukraine observe the international agreements", said Corina Cretu. She Indicated that "Romania had pieces of information and on their basis it forwarded to the international bodies its protest". In context, the presidential adviser reiterated the idea that "it was the Ukrainian state's duty to consult the Romanian side," so "it is not about a failure of the Romanian diplomacy".

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This is the idea of a team who
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