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Ukraine counterattack

Ukraine rejected, yesterday, the warning formulated by the German chancellor, Gerth Schroeder, concerning the Ukrainian canal's construction in Danube delta, appreciating that he was badly informed, said AFP. "The chancellor wasn't well informed about this project realized by his compatriots", declared the adjunct of the Presidential Administration chief, Vasil Baziv, in a press conference.
Being at Bucharest, Schroeder warned, Thursday, Ukraine against the canal's construction in absence of a study about its impact on the environment. This zone "represents an ecosystem very sensitive to Europe and it's obvious that a canal like this will be constructed, only after an international analyze of the impact over the environment. Contrary conduct, would be about irresponsibility", he said. He recognized that the construction works were entrusted to a company from Hamburg, pointing that the Government can't stop the involving of this company in the project. With a total length of 160 km, the canal is going to be used in the next weeks, even if the works won't be finished until 2008, says the Ukrainian Government. Bucharest request, many times, to Kiev to suspend the canal construction which risks to "destroy a unique region from Europe". Being include in 1991 in UNESCOS mondial patrimony, the Danube Biosphere reserve, shared by Romania and Ukraine, has about 90 species of fish and 300 species of birds, some of them being rare species or endangered.
'Viata Libera' newspaper, 14-15 August 2004

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