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Ukraine counterattack

Ukraine expressed, yesterday, its concern about the Romanian activities in the Danube Delta, activities that risk to create an Aral Sea in the center of Europe, an official from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Business has reminded us about the ecological catastrophe from the 60's, when The Aral Sea was transformed into desert. "If at the end of the XIX -th century, 70% from the Danube's flow passed trough Ukraine, in 2003 this number got to 49%, declared Natalie Zarudna, member of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affair. "This process is accelerating, and if it maintains it's rhythm, in 2013 we will have a new Aral Sea in the center of Europe", she said, drawing our attention to these Romanian activities in the Danube Delta.
Kiev considers that these activities modified, the river's of the waters repartition in favour of Romania and risks the Biosphere Reserve of delta's ecosystems shared by the two countries. "The situation is alarming", said Zarudna, whose country was criticized by ecologists, UE, USA and UNESCO because of the construction of the canal through the delta.
Ukraine accuses Romania because it installed three canals that are working, and the fourth is going to be installed too, when the construction will end. Its construction blocks up navigation in the Ukrainian zone. "We will create an international commission formed by experts in order to analyze the problem", said Zarudna.
Kiev wants to launch this appeal at the meeting of the International Committee that will take place in Vienna and where Ukraine wants to protect the interests of the Bystroe construction.
In what concerns the Ukraine's intention to ask the International Committee about the artificial redistribution in the Danube, Mircea Geoana, the minister of Foreign Affairs, declared Tuesday, that Ukraine is free to do what they want, but Bystroe canal affects the ecological equilibrium of the Danube.
'Viata Libera' newspaper, 15 September 2004

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