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The Ukrainians, the masters of Chilia branch

The border between Romania and Ukraine situated on Chilia branch was stolen by our neighbourghs over the Danube. The Romanian authority's interventions were futile. The Ukrainians are continuing to arrange the navigable channel over Chilia branch through Bystroe estuary. More signal buoys were set up in the Romanian territorial waters a few meters away from the bank. Because of the buoys from Chilia-Peribrava zone, people can't fish any where.
The horrible sounds made by the Ukrainian buoys from the shipyard from the border with Ukraine have intensified. The navigable channel was arranged without Romania's agreement, and in some zones on our territory. Tens of buoys have been arranged a few meters away from the Romanian bank. The fishermen from Chilia-Peribrava zone are revolted because of the defiant and abusive attitude of the Ukrainians that took them away the possibility to fish. Lately fishermen have come back with fewer quantities of fish. Often, their nets are tangled in the Ukrainians buoys and cables, and they are obliged to cut them. On the other side, the Ukrainian fishermen profit from the grotesque abuse of the Government from Kiev. They fish in the Kilia branch in the Romanian waters, without respecting the prohibition period. Ukraine posseses Kilia branch without caring about borders, prohibition and concession. The Frontier Police permanently surveyed the neighbor's actions. When the border was abusively modified, the authorities from Bucharest made a strategic movement. At some hundreds meters away from two drags that are hoeing in 39th km zone, ship nr.34 has been anchored belonging to The Operative Ships Sulina sector. The signal of the Romanian authorities was understood. The Ukrainians drags do not cross the mid section of canal, but hoe very close to the buoys that deliniate the border. In the area, a state of confusion and incertitude rules. The people are scared.
'Viata Libera' newspaper, 28 september 2004

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This is the idea of a team who
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Who should fight to change the current situation ?
The Ukrainian Government
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The United Nations
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