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The German chancellor Gerard Schroeder will come Thursday and Friday at Bucharest, at PM's, Adrian Nastase, invitation, accompanied by many business men and representants of the by germane companies.
Schroeder will be received by the president Ion Iliescu and will talk with the Prime Minister Adrian Nastase. The chancellor will discuss with the Romanian PM the methods through which will be consolidated the strategic Romanian German partnership in the economic domain, if shown in an Executive communication. In this visit, an important event is the economic Romanian German forum, where important contracts from the energetic and infrastructure domains will be signed. The two Government heads will also, discuss about the Romanian's German support for the European aderation process, especially from the juridical domain and the intern business one, from the perspective that Romania will become an extern border of UE.
Also, the two dignitaries will have a change of the opinions concerning the international organization and the regional cooperation's role in the consolidation and the responsibility over the new risks of security, including from the state's perspective, of non-permanent members of the ONU Security council. It will give attention of the regional problems from the South-East of Europe and the ones generated by the stabilization of UE's neighborhood. There will be border problems about environment generated by Bystroe canal, in Danube delta. On the discussion agenda is, also, the cooperation project from cultural and educational domain, like other common projects to value the status of the " European cultural capital of 2007", got recently at Sibiu- emblematic city for the German minority from Romania. The German chancellor will be accompanied by a parliamentary delegation which will discuss with the coordinator's ministers of the Romania's domains found in process of reform , in the perspective of choosing the aderation negotiation at UE and the parliamentary groups of Romanian German friendship.
The economic cooperative between Romania and Germany has risked the level of a strategic partnership, concerning the member, financial force and the German companies prestige interested in the Romanian business medium. At the end of the first semester, the total value of the German capitol investition in Romania was 943 millions dollars (about 791 euros) being in the 3 rd place from the total foreign investition. At the same date, the members of societies with german capitol are about 11.500, being on the 2nd place, after the Italian Romania's economy. The bilateral commerce has summed in the first six months of this year, approximately 3.774 million dollars (about 3.078 million euros), export 1.648 million dollars (about 1.343 millions euros), and import 2.126 million dollars (1.735 millions euros). These valors put Germany on the 2 nd place, in the total volume of experts, and in the Romania's imports one.
'Monitorul De Galati' newspaper, 12 august 2004

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