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At the general meeting of ONU, Ion Iliescu has mentioned Bystroe

On Wednesday, the president, Ion Iliescu, informed the participants at the meeting of ONU, which took place in New York, about the Romanian applications about Bystroe canal and about the limitation of the continental tableland, both being in dispute with Ukraine.
"As proof of it's belief in the international juridical system, Romania has appealed to The International Juridical Court, the ONU main organism, in order to solve the maritime delimitation problem”, said Mr. Iliescu. He also admitted that Romania has appealed to an International Committee to make an investigation about the construction of Bystroe canal. It had also demanded the protection of the Danube Delta.
The two remarks were made during his speech, which tackled problems like terrorism, security, ONU's reform, the difference between poor and rich countries, problems about environment and the international juridical system.
In a press statement made a day before, in the same city, Ion Iliescu accused Ukraine of infringing the international laws and the rules of good neighborhood with the buoys removal, saying that Romania will appeal to international organisms, not to create a conflict. "Of course we won't enter a military conflict, but we will appeal to Ukraine and to international organisms, not to create conflicts", said Iliescu.
'Viata Libera' newspaper, 24 September 2004

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