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Codrin Stefan Arsene

Lider of the Bystroe team

        To write about something that you don't totally consider wrong is one of the most difficult things that a person must do in life. Besides the message of the site, the photographs, the actions and the facts presented, I would do anything to stop the construction of the Bystroe Canal - some never heard of it, yet this doesn't mean that I am not aware of its utility, but the Romanians and other concerned Europeans consider it to be a real disaster. We all live with a feeling of helplessness and with every day that goes by I notice that things go on undisturbed and all our protests have no results. Nevertheless, for the Ukrainians, it is their salvation.
         You all heard about the poverty of the Eastern countries. Yes. It's true. But you didn't live it. You didn't degrade yourself for some pennies; you didn't work hard to live one day to another. You didn't swear, curse, or doubt of God's existence. The conditions in which the Ukrainians and some Romanians are living (there isn't a big difference) are difficult to imagine. Sometimes, the hope mixed with hate and the contempt that you have for yourself makes you not realize the harm you can produce. This is the only reason for which Ukrainians would give anything to construct that canal.
         In the end, it means their existence for an unlimited period of time.
         It was difficult to get used to the idea of making such a site. Bystroe canal, in fact, can destroy ecosystems and habitats, can banish birds and can bring unchangeable loss in the zone. Analyzing all the aspects, I can tell without fear of being wrong: the price paid for the canal's construction (I am not reffering to money) is too big and I don't think we can afford it. Maybe there are thousands of organisations which are militating against this canal and this is no longer a secret. People who saw the danger try, by any means, to give nature a chance. What the Ukrainians want to do is to defy nature, which can break out and produce human damages more than any mortal can imagine. Not to forget what happened at the end of the last year in South and South-East Asia. Some "crazy" people (I would call them) sustained that this break out of nature would have been because of humans' courage and their unconsciousness overtook the decisions of the land.
         This canal is a nightmare, which I will have to accept as a sad reality, if we don't do something. The single moment when we, the Romanians, and the Ukrainians agree is when we say we don't want to harm the ecosystems and the environment. Otherwise how can it be explained that we are under the protection of some international laws that we signed a couple of years ago ?
         For me, this entire problem is a mystery. Since 1987 the Ukrainians have been thinking of Bystroe's construction. No one tried to stop them from the moment their boats and their cranes started to dredge the zone. Danube's Delta is under the protection of some international laws which should be unchangable. Despite all these, no one is interested: not even Romania (and here, a question mark appears in our souls), not even the organizations from the Hydrographic Basin of the Black Sea, not even Ukraine or the European Parliament. No one is taking action when thousands of birds have to leave their nests, when species of fish are becoming history, when pollution is threatening every part of the canal.
         Only after a couple of years when the canal is already constructed, some historians will wake up and condemn "The Bystroe Problem", how I use to call it with sadness. We aren't capable of solving our problems alone, of making it right, in both parts. As if UE can't find some investigators to open their factories in Ukraine, so that people have where to work and not go to Italy to steal.
         This is the truth. 98% of the countries are in the UN and they are proud of this. But what happens when the real problem appears ? All becomes a tale and ... dust. What's the use of being part of UN when Ukraine abusively invaded our country, constructing a canal 200 m from where we live? I wonder what I did wrong. Yes, what did I do wrong to have some leaders that are interested only in what happens at 2 meters from their paunch. With what does the fact that 14 international conventions are not respected and Europe disapproves Ukraine, but the latter does whatever it wants, help me with ?
         What you will actually find in this site is "The Bystroe Problem" from the beginning until the present time. We used many materials: press-conferences, articles and information from different web-sites, aproximately 120 photos taken at the studied place or from the internet. You can find everything on this site, of course with all the references and specifications. I don't want to give the impresion of copying. What happens at the moment you read in Ukraine may seem to be taken out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. But in fact it is even worse, it is the pure reality. We made this site, first of all, to inform you about the danger of the canal's construction. We also wanted to give you the occasion to have that feeling, so well outlined in English through the word "awareness". If we don't take care of our present and our future, then no one will care about our desires.
         We tried to be honest in all we wrote. And I want you to visit this site with the thought that you can change something in the world, starting with the cease of this canal's construction. Together we are a little bit stronger. Having the same aim we can unite our hearts and do something good for humanity. After all we live in the same room. It is called Earth, and we should take care of every neighbour. And, especially, the moment two colleagues are fighting we must stop them and have them make up. This is what we understand by friendship among nations.
         Ill-equipped, the Romanians are fighting the Ukrainians (who, unfortunatelly know what they want and they won't stop unless we do something to change this sad reality). Think that maybe, tomorrow you will need help. Even USA, England, Germany etc could pass through difficults moments. I believe that Romanians have always been near others when they needed it. The relations especially with the Americans were ones of friendship. As a proof, in Home-page, you can read the reflections of an American volunteer. It is time for you, nations of every kind, to show that you are friends with us.
         Lastly, I want to tell you that this site is a desperate appeal to all those who can change something in the world. We remind you that together we are a little bit stronger...

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Last forum post by codrin on May 6, 2006, 9:06 pm
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