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    The negative impact of the Bystroe Canal on the Danube Delta ecosystem can be specifically observed in the following preliminary study made by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water Management, based on unofficial data:

The Human Comunities

    The local peoples' livelihood in the Danube's mouth area is based mainly on fishing. The canal construction puts a question mark on this traditional activity.
    The Danube-Black Sea transport canal construction through the Bystroe estuary will cause the destruction of the natural communities from Danube Delta, at the same level that will destroy the traditional forms of natural resources management and can lead to worsening the socio-economic conditions of the region. In other words, the completion of this project will lead to the violation of the management principles for a biosphere reserve defined by UNESCO under the "Man and Biosphere" programme.

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This is the idea of a team who
made a vision come truth....

Who should fight to change the current situation ?
The Ukrainian Government
The Romanian Government
The United Nations
Devoted Active Citizens

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