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    The negative impact of the Bystroe Canal on the Danube Delta ecosystem can be specifically observed in the following preliminary study made by the Romanian Ministry of Environment and Water Management, based on unofficial data:

Fish Communities

     The building activities and navigation on the canal will cause source : www.rosa.rodamage to the nature and habitat of most of the fish species in this area, including the seven species mentioned in the European Red List and the 16 mentioned in the Ukrainian Red List.
     Another result will be the decrease of the annual fresh water fishery by approximately 19 tons and the decrease of the annual sea fishery by approximately 80 tons.
     The Danube shad breeding migration takes place, too, by the Bystroe Canal; building and navigation activities will damage the natural development of the populations of this fish species and will reduce the industrial fishery by 90 tons.
     The deepening of the Canal bottom, the permanent dredging works for its maintenance, source : www.rosa.roas well as the waves due to ships passing through the canal, will impair the breeding development of several species (sturgeons, shads, etc).
     The dyking of the banks of the Bystroe estuary will destroy the breeding area of many fish species. Sand banks in the front (aval) of the Bystroe Canal represent the feeding territory for a lot of fish species, used for trade purposes; construction activities and navigation on the canal, as well as the subsequent washing of the sandbanks will destroy the natural area.

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This is the idea of a team who
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Who should fight to change the current situation ?
The Ukrainian Government
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