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The Bystroe Canal in the Ukrainin Danube Delta - Questions and Answers
A short summary
Where is the Ukrainian Danube Delta and the Bystroe Canal ?
What are the natural, social and economic values of the Ukrainian Delta ?
What is planned and what has happened already ?
    The Ukrainian government has proposed to establish a waterway through the Delta for two main reasons. The first is to revitalsie the Delta ports that closed in the 80s and 90s. The second reason is to relieve the expense of having to use the 70 km long Sulina Canal in Romania as access to the Black Sea. This route allegedly costs the Ukrainian government billions of dollars in fees. The government therefore has proposed to use the Kilija branch on the border between Romania and Ukraine as a shipping way and to construct a canal through the Ukrainian Danube Delta to avoid these fees and to generate its own revenue from foreign ships. The previous route to the port of Ust Dunaisk used by ships to access Ukrain have silted up due to neglect, however the government has chosen not to restore that route but to select a second route, the Bystroye Canal (former Novo Stambulskoye branch) that is shorter (9km and deeper 4,20 m) and therefore less expensive to construct and maintain. This may prove to be a false economy as the route is likely to be more liable to siltation than others and therefore cost more in the end. The government intends to finance the construction and maintenance of the canal from the fees charged to use the canal. There are economists however who claim that the government is overestimating the income that would be generated through this canal. Other options have been proposed that would provide solutions to the root problems but these are considered by the government as unfeasible.

What are the socio-economic and ecoloqical consequences of the canal ?
What international treaties and agreements are concerned ?
What about the EU ?
Are there alternatives ?
What is WWF recommanding ?
What actions have been taken to protect the Ukrainian Delta up until now ?
What is WWF's track record with the Ukrainian Danube Delta ?
What actions have been or are planned to be taken bv WWF and other orqanisationslinstitutiohs to halt the construction ?
All the questions and answers presented in this section are property of WWF

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This is the idea of a team who
made a vision come truth....

Who should fight to change the current situation ?
The Ukrainian Government
The Romanian Government
The United Nations
Devoted Active Citizens

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