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The Bystroe Canal in the Ukrainin Danube Delta - Questions and Answers
A short summary
Where is the Ukrainian Danube Delta and the Bystroe Canal ?
What are the natural, social and economic values of the Ukrainian Delta ?
What is planned and what has happened already ?
What are the socio-economic and ecoloqical consequences of the canal ?
What international treaties and agreements are concerned ?
What about the EU ?
Are there alternatives ?
What is WWF recommanding ?
What actions have been taken to protect the Ukrainian Delta up until now ?

    The most critical work on the Ukrainian Delta, led by the local NGOs, is the establishment of protected areas in the Delta. One NGO actually established and is managing one or these protected areas. The largest conservation project ($1,5 Million) was funded by the World Bank and was aimed partly to establish the Biosphere Reserve which is now being threatened by the construction of this canal. Since then the management of the Reserve has been supported by the Ukrainian government and is led by the management board of the Danube Biosphere Reserve, International support is provided both lo the management board and also to the local NGOs for research, environmental education, alternative income generating activities, monitoring and protection. WWF is supporting restoration of parts of the Delta that were destroyed or degraded by past actions meant to control the flow of the Danube (see below).

What is WWF's track record with the Ukrainian Danube Delta ?
What actions have been or are planned to be taken bv WWF and other orqanisationslinstitutiohs to halt the construction ?
All the questions and answers presented in this section are property of WWF

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Last forum post by codrin on May 6, 2006, 9:06 pm
This is the idea of a team who
made a vision come truth....

Who should fight to change the current situation ?
The Ukrainian Government
The Romanian Government
The United Nations
Devoted Active Citizens

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