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3.1 Characterization of the social environment and assessment on the impact elements affecting it

    In the Ukrainian sector there isn't any deep water navigable waterway, and thus, the maritime and fluvial structures of the regions, as well as the economical activities related to them, are very much affected. As a consequence, the whole economic development of the region is hindered and the standard of living of the population has been deteriorating.
    The reconstruction of a deep water navigable canal on the Danube shall positively influence the social environment of the region and shall improve the standard of living of the population.
    First of all, new jobs will be available and salaries will grow in the dynamic economical fields. As an example, new jobs will need to be created within the Ukrainian Danube Ship Agency, in harbors, in the railways and freeway field, in the ship construction and reconditioning field etc. An investment growth is expected not only in the transportation field, but also in some other domains, as well as in the infrastructure of the region. The transportation network will be improved. New perspectives for the development of tourism will be created, including international tourism.
    The positive effect of the project for the economy of the region and for the social environment will compensate for the eventual negative consequences that the project could have for a part of the Vilkovo population. Thus, the fishing conditions in the Bystroe fishing shall be deteriorated, a decrease of the number of jobs is likely in the Ust-Dunaisk harbor - should this be the case, the Ust-Dunaisk personnel is to be moved in some other areas to contribute to the construction or Exploitation of the canal.
    Basically, the reconstruction of a deep water navigable canal on the Danube is very significant not only for the development of the economic and transportation fields, it also has a political and strategic importance, contributing to the development of the region and even of Ukraine, as a whole.
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