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1.2.1 Technological exploitation (navigation) conditions required by the construction of the deep water navigable canal and the exploitation requirements provided by the project

    The type and category of the deep water navigable canal are similar to the Sulina canal, which belongs to the VII class, of the "E" waterway category. Thus, the Danube-Black Sea deep water navigable canal has the following characteristics:
        - waterway type - international significance;
        - waterway class - superior thoroughfare, in conformity with DSTU B V 2.3-1-95;
        - VII class - in conformity with the European waterway classification.
    The deep water navigable canal passes, in the Reni - Vilkovo water sector, on the already existing waterway, having a 120 m width (130 m in the turning areas), thus permitting two-way sailing. The characteristics of the deep water navigable canal in the Bystroe channel area, as well as in the locks canal area, allow the unilateral passing of vessels, as the width of the waterway is only 60 m (65 m in the turning areas). According to the project, the river bed of the canal is 100 m wide in the shore and in the Jebriansk areas. The acceptable length of the radius of the turnings of the deep water navigable canal should not exceed 800 m. According to the project, the depth of the canal shall allow the passing of ships having the following overall dimensions: length - 125 m, width - 17 m, depth - 5.85 and 7.2 m (in a first stage and, eventually, for the future), should the water level be 99% in conformity with the navigation requirements.
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