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Ukraine’s Construction of a Navigation Canal on the Chilia Arm of the Danube River

    1. According media, on Tuesday, the 11th of May 2004 Ukrainian Government has formally launched a project aiming at the adjustment for navigatron of the channel Bystroe on the Chilia Arm of the Danube – an inland watercourse belonging to Ukraine, situated in the Danube Delta, within the Ukrainian Natural Reservation of Danube. The construction of the canal is undertaken by the German company "Josef Mobius Bau Aktiengeselschaft". The channel begins from a point on the Romanian-Ukrainian river border, situated upstream the junction of the Chilia Arm with the Musura Arm and flows into the Black Sea to the North of the common border.
    2. It is to be mentioned that the navigation on the Sulina arm of the Danube, as on the entire river, is regulated by the 1948 Belgrade Convention on the Legal Regime of Navigation on the Danube, that defines the navigable Danube as a river open to free navigation ('the Danube between Kellheim and Sulina on the Sulina arm of the Danube'). Therefore, the navigation on this arm of the Danube situated in the Danube Delta is being organized in full respect of the International Law. Furthermore, Romania underlines that Sulina is the only arm from the Danube Delta subject to the provisions of the 1948 Belgrade Convention. As far as Cernavoda-Constantza canal is concerned, this is situated far to the South of the Danube Delta, its legal regime being that of Romanian inland waterway.
    3. By now, despite all demands, the Ukrainian authorities did not respect their obligations of information and consultation regarding this project with possible substantive negative impact on the Danube Delta, as set forth by the applicable international legal instruments.

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