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Ukraine’s Construction of a Navigation Canal on the Chilia Arm of the Danube River
  • Facts
  • The consequences of the project on the Bystroe canal as to the Danube Delta's Ecosystem
  • Demands in reaction to the Ukrainian project development
    Part 1                                                Part 2                                                Part 3
  • Multilateral and bilateral regulations in the field of environmental protection relevant to the Bystroe channel
    Part 1                                                Part 2                                                Part 3
Consequences of the Bystroe project on the Danube Delta Ecosystem

    4. According to preliminary assessments of the Ministry of Environment and Water Management of Romania, based on unofficial data, the Ukrainian project concerning the deep navigation canal on the channel Bystroe will start a more active process of water - flow, which will entail consequences on the Chilia Secondary Delta, as well as on the Danube Delta as a whole.
    There are about 4000 species of plants and birds in the region of the Bystroe channel, some of which are only found in the Danube Delta. Also, the Bystroe channel is the place of breeding migration for 95 percent of the Danube shad (Alosa Ponticus) population of the Danube. The artificial adjustment of the channel through the building of a navigation canal implies embankments to restrain waters, followed by dredges to eliminate the alluvia. These works will affect the ecological equilibrium of those waters and will cause significant losses – of fish and birds, on the channel itself, including those in the territory of Romania where 80% the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, that was established in 1993, lies, as well as in the neighboring areas, including those in the territory of Romania where the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation was established in 1993. It should be stressed that the Danube Delta is a single ecosystem, protected by UNESCO as a component of the world natural heritage and the damage inflicted to its Ukrainian side endangers the system as a whole. The area in which the Ukrainian authorities are building the navigation canal is situated within the part of the Danube Delta, which due to its natural characteristics is included in the Danube's Biosphere Reservation, as set forth by the Ukrainian domestic legislation. Thus, the size of the reservation has to substantially be reduced for the concrete works to start. A more comprehensive assessment regarding the possible impact of the Bystroe must be made. Effects of canal building on the environment are presented in Annex I, based on unofficial information because no official information was received up to now from the Ukrainian authorities.

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